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About Sunny Bunny Easter Eggs

Sunny Bunny offers the best plastic Easter eggs available online. Sunny Bunny Easter Eggs™ is a program of SWI Industrial Solutions, and has been providing meaningful employment to people with disabilities since 1966. It currently serves over 230 adults at its 75,000 sq ft facility in Springfield, Missouri. For further information on SWI Industrial Solutions, please visit

Sunny Bunny Easter Eggs™ are available in varying quantities, containing either individually wrapped Easter candy or small toys. Bulk plastic Easter eggs may also be purchased. Please call us for quotes on large bulk quantities.

Sunny Bunny Easter Eggs™, a program of SWI Industrial Solutions, sells plastic Easter eggs. These unique plastic eggs make great Easter basket gift ideas. Not only are they a staple for holiday activities, buy they also go to support a great cause: meaningful employment for those individuals with disabilities.

The Best Easter Eggs: Sunny Bunny Features

Ordinary plastic Easter eggs can be difficult to assemble, since they are designed to be held together via a tension fit. Therefore, you must gently squeeze both halves while aligning the eggs tops and bottoms. While this may seem like a simple procedure, the task can be difficult for some people with disabilities.

Sunny Bunny Easter Eggs™ were specially engineered to be easy-to-assemble. The egg top easily slides over the egg bottom, and the two pieces simply snap together with slight pressure. This unique design change allows nearly any person, regardless of their ability, to assemble Sunny Bunny Easter Eggs™. For this reason, these unique Easter eggs make the perfect gift idea for kids of all ages.